Frequently asked questions

How can I book an appointment?

Please refer to the Book an Appointment page to book an appointment. Make sure to fill out all of the forms.

Do I have to make a deposit to get a tattoo?

Yes, a $300 deposit is required for all tattoos. THIS DEPOSIT DOES NOT GO TOWARDS THE TOTAL PRICE OF YOUR TATTOO. A deposit locks in an offical appointment day and time as well as gives the artist the go ahead to stencil/design your tattoo.

How long is a tattoo session?

Sessions average between 4-9 hours depending on tolerance, design, stencil, breaks, etc.

When will I see the layout of the tattoo design?

We do not create any designs before the scheduled appointment time. As an artist, we want to be able to give you exactly what you are wanting. This is why we prefer to create the design in person with you before we begin a session.

How much does it cost?

Deposit: $300 *YOUR DEPOSIT DOES NOT GO TOWARDS YOUR TOTAL PRICE OF YOUR TATTOO* Project Minimmum: $1,100 Full Sessions: $1500-2500 depending on size, difficulty of piece, placement, etc.

Can I travel to get tattooed from you?

Yes, for those who are interested in traveling. I will provide transportation, food, and a hotel.